Kinemaster Without Watermark: Download Mod APK Latest Version

Kinemaster without watermark is one such version which is having the many other subversions under it, which includes such as the V series modes, Kinemaster prime, Kinemaster Diamond, Kinemaster light, Kinemaster green, etc. as there are many other versions as well.

Kinemaster is having several kinds of versions for its users. So that the users can have many kinds of options to download the suitable version for them.

All of these versions do vary from each other in the context of their features and their premium membership plan. The best thing about all of these mod versions is that they provide the users with fully unblocked features. Such as the watermark-free video editing and the chroma key, etc features.

Here in this article, we are going to keep our discussion with several kinds of mod versions. We would also provide you with their download links.

Kinemaster Mod Features

There is a group of users who are wondering and willing to know as to what kind of features they can get from the Mod versions of Kinemaster without watermark. Keeping it in our consideration we are providing them with some of the major features, that they will get from the mod versions.

  • With the mod versions, users can easily add the multiple layers of the videos along with the several stickers, emoji, etc.
  • The users can edit the video without any watermark in the paid mod versions.
  • You can have the instant preview of the edited videos so that you can make the quick required changes as well.
  • Fade in/out sound features to improve the overall sound quality.
  • Chroma key features to change the green screen background.
  • Direct video sharing to the social media platforms

Is Kinemaster Pro Mod Safe to Download?

Many of the users have been asking us that whether using the Kinemaster prowithout watermark mod or the other mods are safe to be downloaded and to be used. Here we would like to make it clear for those users, that the mod versions are not the cracked versions, rather they are the paid versions and have also been coded well, hence there is no risk in using the Mod versions.

The mod versions which we are going to provide you in the article have been properly scanned using the best antiviruses, thus you can freely install them in your device from here.

How To Get Kinemaster Mod APK Versions 

If you are wondering as to how you can download the mods versions, then you are at the correct place. Here we are providing you with the step by step guide by which you can easily download any Mod version.

  • First of all download the relevant Apk file setup of the relevant Mod version.
  • Once you have downloaded the Apk file setup then just open it and click on the install option.
  • Now you may be asked to enable the unknown sources to install the mods.
  • Simply enable the unknown sources option by going into the settings option of your smartphone.
  • Now the mods will be installed and you can enjoy all the features of the relevant mod.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK

This is the other mod version that comes with some of the quite advanced features. If you are willing to install this mod on your device, then you can get its download link from here.

The diamond mod version comes with the following features.

  • A blue user interface theme which is quite likable by the majority of the users.
  • You can easily unlock the premium tools and the assets of Kinemaster without watermark with this mod.
  • Chroma key advance feature to change the background.
  • The enhanced video resolution for each edited video.
  • Watermark-free edited videos.

Kinemaster Mod V3 Unlocked with the Chroma Key

If you want to enjoy the Mod V3 version along with the fully unlocked chroma key feature then you can get it from here. The chroma key feature is a highly advanced feature, which lets the users change the green color background of the video and the pictures.

Kinemaster Lite Mod APK

The lite mod version is for the people who don’t want to use the full-fledge Kinemaster pro video editing application as it may not be compatible with their low-end smartphones. The lite version is the best version to go for all those users as it comes with a very lower size and yet offers all kinds of prominent features to the users.

You can enjoy features such as the 3D layers, chroma-key, fade in/out sound settings, and many other such features.


Kinemaster Prime APK

Well, if you are looking for the best substitute of the Kinemaster pro then the prime Apk is the way to go for you. It is considered as the closest substitute of the fully unlocked pro version, and just like the pro version, it is also a paid version.

You will be required to buy the membership plan of it in order to enjoy fully unblocked features of it.

Kinemaster Mod V8 APK

The mod V8 can be considered as the most advanced mod version of the Kinemaster V series family as it is the most recent and the last mod of the series. It comes with the fully upgraded and the bugs free features.

You will get access to all the features in this mod V8 without paying anything. Here below you can find the download link of mod V8 Apk.

How to Troubleshoot Any Problems on Kinemaster Mod

There may be scenarios when the users might have to encounter several kinds of issues while installing or using the Mod versions. If you face any such issue then this is how you can troubleshoot such issues easily.

  • First of all, try updating the application and if it doesn’t work even after that then kindly reinstall the application.
  • It is advised to not any kind of screen recorder while using the mod applications.
  • You are suggested to use only the hardware video encoder as the Mods work best with it.

How To Fix Codec Init Failed Error”

Well, there may be plenty of people who might suffer from this particular error while using the Mod versions. Here is how you can fix this error.

  • First of all, you just need to reboot your device.
  • Now next open the KM application.
  • Then go to the settings icon.
  • There click on the open device capability information.
  • You will see the three dots as … on the top click on them.
  • Now you need to initiate the hardware performance analysis test.
  • Once the test is finished then just reboot the device again, and check if the error persists.

If the Application is Unable to Detect the Media in the Storage Section

Sometimes the users may have to encounter such issues that the application may not be able to detect the media from the storage. It may cause some serious troubles to the users in the course of importing and exporting the media.

You are advised to go to the permission section of the device and then grant all the required permission to the KM application, and your issue will hopefully be resolved then.


Here in this article, we have discussed the Kinemaster without watermark and then we further discussed the various kinds of other mods versions. We have also provided you with the Apk setup of the mods so that you can easily install them on your device.

We just hope that this of our article would help you in getting your favorite Mod and if you face any issues in the course of installing them, then feel free to approach us for further help.

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